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the importance of community service

community service is important because it teaches people compassion, empathy and understanding, regardless of age and background. volunteering can also be used as a gateway to explore and try out things that you might be interested in or have a passion for. you’re free to put in as much or as little volunteering time as you want, whatever makes sense to you, and can still feel that sense of accomplishment.

besides community service being rewarding, volunteering also looks good on a resume. college students can benefit immensely from community service when filling out college applications, making volunteering essentially a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

but what are the other benefits of community service?

psychological, social and cognitive benefits

volunteering can increase overall life satisfaction and makes you feel good about yourself due to the fact that you’re also helping others. community service can also lessen depression and ease stress. volunteering allows you to connect with others, thus creating a community. you can create incredible social bonds with the people that you are working with and serving, enhancing your interpersonal communication skills. community service also enables you to enhance your life skills and knowledge, opening new ways to look at situations that you never thought of before.

career benefits

community service is a great way to gain experience and skills in a variety of different vertices and can provide you with necessary skills for thriving in a workplace. skills like communication, teamwork, planning, solving problems and managing tasks are just some of the abilities you’re able to pick up just from volunteering.

social awareness improvement

not only does volunteering provide you with an opportunity to become closer to your community, it can also broaden your mind by helping you realize and understand the needs of the people you’re helping. it’s one thing to read or hear about an issue. it’s a completely different experience when you’re getting physically involved. seeing the issues up close allows you to become closer to the community you’re helping and gives you firsthand experience of the conditions they’re facing.

feeling motivated? check out our website for upcoming volunteer opportunities near you.

we can. we will.


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