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trusting yourself

a lack of self-trust means you feel like you’re not good or worthy enough. you have difficulty making decisions, are always asking others for help, and are afraid of making the wrong choice and disappointing others. perhaps the biggest indicator of a lack of self-trust is hiding who you truly are and constantly being self-conscious about what others think of you.

how will anyone trust you if you don’t trust yourself?

here are some methods you can start using to start trusting in yourself more:

just be you

putting up a false exterior makes it hard to trust yourself. you can’t be yourself if you hide your thoughts. don’t fear rejection or criticism. instead, learn to embrace it. let go of the idea that you need everyone to like you. staying true to who you are will make you a more confident person, and eventually, you’ll find a group of people who will appreciate what you have to say.

the power of “no”

say no to the people in your life who only seem to hit you up when they need a favor. say no to people who drain you of your energy. there will be people in your life who will tell you that your dreams can’t be achieved. why would you want people like that in your life? say no, and walk away. stand up for yourself so no one can take advantage of you.

learn to be vulnerable

some people may look at vulnerability as a sign of weakness. but hiding your vulnerabilities won’t show people the real you. none of us are perfect, so stop acting like you are. let yourself be vulnerable and ease up. when other people see you letting your guard down, they will follow suit and be their authentic selves too.

do what matters to you

make decisions based on your own principles, not from other people’s opinions. figure out your list of beliefs and values. once you have that figured out, you can start matching your actions with your beliefs. you will know when to say yes and when to say no.

following just some of these actions over time will lead you to become more trusting of yourself. stick to your principles, be your authentic self, and over time, you will have the confidence to do anything.

we can. we will.


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