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creating meaningful connections

creating meaningful connections with others is an important aspect of a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. we’ve seen the struggles people have gone through during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, with the world shutting down and stay-at-home orders being placed to combat the spread. reports surfaced that without social interactions and connecting with other people, loneliness was a key factor in the decline of mental health.

now that we’re slowly returning to a “semi-normal” state, we’ve realized the magnitude of face-to-face interactions. it’s good for the soul and can build lifelong bonds that no amount of online interactions can match.

saying yes to everything

say you just came back from work and an acquaintance invites you out to dinner. you may feel tired. you may feel lazy. the only thing you want to do is lie in bed and watch a movie. do your best to say yes, regardless of how tired you are. do your best to attend social events or activities. try something new. who knows who you’ll meet?

be the initiator

since you know the importance of social interactions and making meaningful connections, why not be the one to bring people together? call some friends and plan a night out, or a night in. whatever your preference is, our friends will appreciate the efforts you’ve gone through to plan an activity.

skip the small talk

to really get to know someone, asking shallow questions isn’t going to cut it. we have to move the conversation deeper towards intimacy and vulnerability. learn about their personality, tendencies, beliefs, life values, world values. pay attention to the stories they tell, because everyone has a story. doing so will result in a better conversation and more fulfilling dialogue.

simply listen

sometimes, being quiet and listening to what the other person is saying is the best method to really get to know them. how can you build a connection with someone if you’re doing all the talking and not letting them reciprocate? journalists employ a tactic where when interviewing someone, they’ll keep quiet for a few seconds even after the interviewee is done talking. why do journalists do this? because no one likes that awkward silence. to fill the silence, the interviewee starts talking again. be an active listener and let the person you’re speaking to talk without interruption. you can always follow up afterwards.

we can. we will.


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