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cultivating an abundance mindset

to live in abundance means to see the endless potential in yourself and others. for many people, this can be a challenge. negative self-talk and comparisons to others can lead to thoughts such as not being good enough or not being able to achieve a goal. instead of having a scarce mindset, learn to embrace an abundance mindset to expand your perspective and open your life to an infinite amount of possibilities.

here are some steps you can take:

practice gratitude and generosity by volunteering

start each day by reminding yourself how lucky you are to be in the position that you are in. be thankful for the people that surround you and the people that always have your back no matter what. then, pay it forward by volunteering to give back to people who are less fortunate than you. acknowledge you live a lifestyle where you have the ability to help those in need without needing anything in return.

run your own race

there may be times where you look at your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and think, “wow, i want what they have.” you see the fancy cars, luxurious houses, beautiful vacation pictures and feel like you’re missing out. like you’re losing. but getting what others have won’t bring you true happiness. instead, it will only leave you wanting whatever they have next. everyone’s life journey is different and no one can predict what the future holds, so go at your own pace. do things that make you genuinely happy and base your goals around whatever that is. live in the now and not in someone else's shadow.

learn from each and every experience

children look at the world with their eyes wide open because they’re always discovering new things. for children, the glass is always half-full. for children, uncovering something new is exciting and fun. they’re filled with a sense of wonder and joy. that’s what we call an abundance mindset. as adults, we must learn to approach life the same way we did when we were kids.

it’s understandable that as we get older, we have obligations and a moral standard to abide by. the one thing we didn’t have when we were younger is the complete independence and freedom to do whatever we wanted. take every interaction, every new discovery, and turn it into a learning experience. when you wake up in the morning, always tell yourself, “today is going to be a good day.” who knows what that day has in store for you.

by cultivating an abundance mindset, there is room for all kinds of success. you have to believe in yourself and believe that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. live with the same wonderment you had when you were a child and live with the mindset that you have the ability to achieve greatness. greatness doesn’t happen overnight. to succeed, you must first fail. it’s where you learn to not make the same mistake twice. so keep going, keep pushing, and find beauty in the struggle.

we can. we will.


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