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welcome to WeWyll

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

background of WeWyll

finding volunteer work can be a hassle at times. whether it’s not knowing where to start looking or not knowing what opportunities are available, we know the struggle of what it’s like to miss out on some great volunteer work. we want to change that. at WeWyll, our goal is to help volunteers and non-profit organizations in the los angeles area connect and easily find each other. one of the ways we do this is by holding virtual monthly meet and greets that allow a variety of npos to describe the mission of their organization to other npos and prospective volunteers.

how can i learn more about a volunteer organization?

since all of our meet and greets are held virtually through zoom, we record each session and then upload them to our social media platforms such as youtube, instagram and twitter. we clip each individual presentation, which are no longer than 5 minutes, to allow for quick viewing of organizations that might be of interest to you.

on our website, you will find upcoming volunteer opportunities that you can rsvp to. simply click on the “rsvp button” to send an email to confirm your interest. remember, WeWyll is constantly on the lookout for new volunteer opportunities, so there will always be an abundance of choices to choose from. check back on our website periodically for updates.

what’s to come

developers at WeWyll are currently working on an app for smartphone devices that will make the process of finding volunteer work a breeze. think of tinder's swipe feature as the basis of the app, which allows users to find volunteer work in their area that they find interesting. as a thank you for volunteering, we’ll be integrating our rewards program within the app, allowing volunteers to redeem "rewards" for their service hours from partnered businesses. keep up to date with our blog for future updates on our app.

in the near future, our website will also be getting a complete overhaul for a better browsing experience, while also upgrading the site itself with a more modern-looking aesthetic.

we created WeWyll to help volunteers experience the joys of giving back, and it's our hope that we align your passions and your purpose with the needs of your community.

we can. we will.


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