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why volunteering is good for your soul

while volunteering is meant to help those in need, it also benefits you - the volunteer - in a variety of different ways. from connecting to others with similar interests to becoming a happier version of yourself, volunteering does wonders for the mind, body and soul.

it connects you with like-minded people

spending some of your time volunteering can help you feel more socially connected to others and is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. volunteering with like-minded folks allows you to tap into the power of the collective mind and accomplish more by working together on things you’re collectively passionate about.

it gets you up and moving

volunteer work can at times require some sort of physical activity to complete tasks. whether it’s helping out at an animal shelter and spending time with the animals or picking up litter off the streets of los angeles, volunteering generally promotes physical movement, which is great for your health.

it keeps your brain stimulated

volunteering will often come in the form of giving or obtaining information. you could be tutoring children by teaching them how to spell words in english, or helping them out with simple math problems. by doing so, your brain is kept active, which helps sharpen your mind.

it helps foster an overall sense of happiness

there’s an abundant amount of volunteer work available that can relate to your interests, and doing something you love is an amazing way to boost your happiness. if you like being around animals, help out at an animal shelter! if helping the less fortunate brings you a sense of satisfaction, go ahead and volunteer at a homeless shelter. the possibilities are endless.

it connects you to your community

being an active volunteer is a great way to build connections and relationships within your community. it also helps you feel a social connection with the people around you and makes you feel like you belong. by being an active volunteer, you’ll discover more about your city and can be of service to people who may not be as familiar.

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we can. we will.


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